Spiritual Detoxification

There is only one principle in the Universe. Reflection, Reaction and Resound.

This means, What you see is your reflection. What you send out comes back to you. What you send out is what you see. There is a re-action of what you send out. If what you send out is love, you see, feel and experience love. Alternately, if you send out anger, anger is what you will see, feel and experience.

What think, speak and how you act is how the Universe will seem to you.

Your negative attitude which you carry with you consciously or unconsciously and that affects you and limits you spiritually, materially, financially and also emotionally.

Spiritual Detoxification is a process of clearing your negative attitudes and restores your original attitude which is of immense joy, love and abundance.

What more…

You get the audio guides free with this offer so that you can practice living in the higher planes of awareness where abundance of love, joy and success manifests.

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