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Marma Chikitsa can Bring this effect and shock you

A man of 67 years came to me for a consultation. He was a diabetic. His muscles were all stiff. And he couldn’t feel his feet. He felt as if his feet were replaced with wood.

I did his Nadi Pariksha and found that his mind was amazingly stable but his body had been neglected over the years with tremendous intellectual work and inadequate sleep. He needed Marma Chikitsa to harmonise the flow of Prana that had accumulated in several parts of the body and that created the stiffness.

I gave him Marma Chikitsa therapy. After the therapy he felt, for the first time, that his muscles relaxed and he felt flexible. While he was describing, he was shifting his weight from one foot to another. I did pay attention to this but chose to ignore it. After about 2 minutes, he described to me that for the first time he could feel his feet. Marma Chikitsa left him overjoyed.

This was such a heart warming experience for all of us.

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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You Get This for FREE Today

My journey towards freedom started this day

Hey! I just remembered this experience that happened the same day 9 years ago which set me on the path of freedom. So, I am offering something absolutely FREE for the first 50 people only and only today. But, I ask to you to read the story and then claim your FREE Gift.

It was 9 years ago, the same day. I remember this experience as if it happened just a few hours ago.

My wife told us that she will make pizzas for us. My daughter and I jumped with joy at the idea. So, off we went to get some pizza base. So, we went to a grocer’s store to enquire. We did not find the pizza base but, what caught my daughter’s attention was a plastic Christmas tree. It must’ve been about 2 feet tall. She saw and looked at me. Her eyes were charming and there was this light of enthusiasm. She asked me, ‘Can we buy that tree? So, I asked instead, what are we going to do with it? Then she said, we’ll put up the three for Christmas. I asked, then? To which she answered, ‘We’ll keep it upright until New Years.’ I resumed my question, ‘then?’ To which she replied, ‘We’ll put it in the attic.

I explained to her that we don’t need to buy a Christmas tree to put it in the attic. She was upset. We got into the car and I drove off in search of the pizza base. There was silence in the car. I looked at my daughter’s face. She was unhappy.

I pulled the car over. Looking at her, I told her, ‘We have to go back to the store.’ Looking at me with moist eyes she asked, ‘why?’ I replied, ‘We need to get your happiness back. You left it on the Christmas tree.’ We both laughed.

In life, we leave our happiness in situations expecting those situations to make us happy. We carry these situations in the attic for a long time and then forget about it. The situations then gather dust and then we have to deal with a lot more stuff than just the situation. The truth is, situations do not make us happy. We can make our situation a happy one. All we have to do is to invest happiness and joy in the situation and that’s what it will turn out to become.

In our expectations from situations, we forget to be loving, happy and joyful.

Over the years, I realised the importance of these three words… Love, Happiness and Joy. I began to practice forgiveness. I released every experience, one by one. It took me 6 years. I worked on myself every single day. And finally, my attic was empty.

Because it happened the same day 9 years ago. I am giving away the Forgiveness Audio Guide for FREE for the first 50 people only and only today.

Claim your FREE GIFT from my webstore Your coupon code is “be joyful” at checkout.

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I ask you to share this post so more and more people can benefit beginning today so that they can have a New Year in the true sense.

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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He coughed over an hour and this happened

Chronic cough can be cured

Yesterday a person came to me and asked whether his chronic cough can be cured. His symptom was so severe that after coughing non-stop for more than an hour, he became giddy and breathless. His abdominal muscles became sore and he felt extremely tired. He experienced fainting twice before. Two months ago, he was also admitted in a hospital due to an episode of chronic cough and fainting. He is married and has two children. He is the sole bread earner of the family.

His symptoms has persisted for over 3 months. He underwent medical tests.  Pulmonologists diagnosed his condition as an allergy and suggested that he take antihistamines and at times nebulisers. The medicines worked for three to four days and then, he was back with his terrible cough.

I did his Nadi Pariksha and found out that he was frustrated, had low self worth, low self esteem and did not love his current job. I asked him to express what had happened. His history dated back to his childhood. His mother had left him and his father had to put him in a foster home for a few years where he was not looked after well. HIs experience from his childhood had created in him a sense of feeling rejected. One after the other, his problems continued. His current boss at work too is mean to him and his role in the company is something he does not cherish. He wants to establish a retail pharmaceutical unit but is scared to death with the idea of doing something without support. With all these thoughts in his head, he was frustrated. He had not shared these feelings and held it all within him.

Emotional frustration causes your diaphragm to contract preventing your lungs from expanding. Frustration also causes abdominal cramping or abdominal muscles to become tight. So, the air in the lungs that is used up, cannot be expelled completely. As pressure builds up in the lungs, cough results. This is the body’s autonomous way of expelling carbon-dioxide. Over time, the symptom becomes chronic and may require him to be on a ventilator.

Keeping in mind his emotional and psychological condition, I asked him to listen to Connect With Your Cosmic Parents Audio Guide. This audio guide provided him with a sense of assurance, security and certainty. He felt a little calm. Then I performed Marma Chikitsa on him. He sat in my office for the next one and a half hours barely coughing.

He came today bringing his wife for a consultation with me. He is feeling much better.

Medicine is not the remedy for all health conditions. It is important to diagnose the root cause and then start the treatment. That, in my view, is the most appropriate way of restoring health.

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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Chakra Clearing – Clearing your pathways

Chakra Clearing is one of the Premium services offered by healers. Mostly Chakra Clearing services are sought after only by spiritual aspirants and those who are familiar with Chakras.

It is important for the common man to know what Chakra Clearing can do to you and how it operates.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are subtle planes of your existence. These subtle planes operate at a wider range compared to the physical body. The purpose of your Chakras are to communicate and receive thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings attract the kind of people you will meet, the kinds of experiences you will have and the kinds of results your actions will produce.

There are 6 major chakras in your body. Their position in the body is critical to what thoughts and feelings you produce. Your thoughts of fear, accumulation of wealth out of fear, expression of anger due to fear of losing control, your self importance, your lack of expression and your procrastination affect your Chakras.

How do Chakras Affect You?

Your Feeling of Fear

When you express thoughts of fear and feel fear, your lower most Chakra, called Muladhara Chakra absorbs your thoughts feelings and communicates these thoughts and feelings in your immediate environment so that
any similar feelings can be attracted. Fear attracts fear. When fear increases, your sleep is disturbed and you feel constipated. As long as you hold onto fear, your symptoms will increase and become chronic.
Symptoms such as constipation, piles, fissures, prostate gland enlargement and prostatic cancers can manifest.

What you can do about it?

Fear is a very powerful emotion. So, removing fear is not an option you can think of to begin with. You need an aid by way of enhancing that which dissolves fear. Love dissolves fear. And, you cannot love when you have fear. An external aid such as an instructional

Self Love Audio Guide or Video Guide will help.

How it will benefit you?

While fear restricts your decision making and focus, dissolving fear with an instructional Audio Guide or Video Guide clears your way forward and supports your decision making and keeps you confident and focussed. To enhance the benefit, Practices such as Marma Chikitsa and Chakra Clearing with Crystals will help boost your clearing by over 3 times and the benefit helps you for a longer period.

When you accumulate wealth for the fear of being less

Fear causes you to accumulate more. Accumulation of wealth quickly becomes a vicious habit. This habit causes you to want more. This affects your second Chakra called Swadhistana Chakra. This Chakra absorbs feelings of wealth accumulation and transmits it in your environment and you attract other people with similar interests. As emotions of despair and fear of losing wealth increases, symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infection and fungal infections in the urinary bladder, uterine fibroids, bladder cancers and uterine cancers can manifest.

What you can do about it?

One of the best ways of clearing the Swadhistana Chakra is by way of offering. An offering does not have to be in terms of wealth. Offering by praying for others helps us develop compassion towards others.  However, this is not easy because your fear of losing is a habit. Hence something more powerful is required for you to clear this pathway. We were taught a Maypole Meditation by the originator of the practice, Mrs. Phyllis Krystal. We found this practice could clear a lot of emotional and mental debris from our system.

How it will benefit you?

Clearing Swadhistana Chakra will help you receive abundance from life without fear of not getting abundance. Abundance is the opposite of accumulation. Abundance means to have enough of all kinds of wealth be it material, intellectual, emotional, relationiships, love and peace and at all times. The effect of this clearing can be boosted by over 3 times with Chakra Clearing.

When you fear losing control

Fear causes you to control. When you lose control, you get angry. Anger is absorbed by your third Chakra. This Chakra is called Manipura. Anger very easily goes out of control and controls you just the way fear controls you. Anger causes your Manipura Chakra to disperse feelings of anger and resentment, frustration and hurt feelings around in your environment. Anger only attracts more criticism. Symptoms such as gall bladder stones, kidney stones, diabetes, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, hyper acidity, acidic indigestion, acid reflux, Gastric-Oesophagus-Reflux-Disease (GERD), Splenomegaly, Leucoderma, Vitiligo, Megaloblastic Anaemia, Diabetes, Renal Hypertension, High triglycerides, Oesophageal Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Liver Cancer, Gall Bladder Cancer, Cancer of the Bile Duct, Stomach Cancer, Intestinal Cancer, Blood Cancer, and many other symptoms. People who express anger and resentment, frustration and hurt feelings suffer the most.

What you can do about it?

You cannot cure anger by controlling anger. Anger is an emotion and a habitual one. Anger can only be cured by reasoning and by releasing emotions from your past. This can be done by using Forgiveness as a technique.

How it will benefit you?

Forgiveness releases emotions from past experiences. From my personal experience, I have seen people improve tremendously with “Forgiveness”. Other techniques that complement Forgiveness are techniques such as “Free Form Writing”. Chakra Clearing will help ease your feelings as because it raises your awareness towards love and joy.

When you compromise

Infants live with a high sense of Self worth and do not compromise. Self Worth acts on the fourth Chakra which is called Anahata. Anahata Chakra blossoms when you share love unconditionally.

As an infant when you demanded your parents or grandparents for toys or eateries, your parents either forced you or convinced you to compromise your desire for a better deal in the near future. This slowly became your habit and compromise became a part of your life. A simple act of saying “It’s okay” when some one turns up late and apologises is a compromise. Though it might not seem a big issue, what you don’t realise is that the habit is formed and applied everywhere else. And this habit causes you to become unhappy and depressed. Compromises lead to complications in the body such as pneumonia, bronchitis, allergic bronchitis and asthma, tuberculosis of the lungs, cardiac arrest, heart attacks, lung cancer, breast cancer,  and such other associated symptoms. Mental symptoms include Schizophrenia, chronic depression, bipolar disorder, and several other such symptoms.

What you can do about it?

Your heart can be cleansed by being free of judgment. You can get quick relief with Chakra Clearing and from Loving Unconditionally. This can be achieved with an instructional audio guide such as our Self Love Audio guide. Practicing Forgiveness also helps release your judgment of your own actions and others’ perceptions of your actions.

Removing judgment is not a one day process. Our Premium Programme called “The GoodBook Programme” is a high intensity and complete Programme that helps you overcome anger, resentment, frustration and hurt feelings so that you can be 3 times more successful in your work with 10 times more love in your relationships and with 3 times more confidence. We suggest you learn more about our programme so that you can not only avoid attracting an illness that may become inevitable in the future, but also orient your life into a path of success.

How it will benefit you?

The physical heart and surrounding tissues heal with Practicing Forgiveness and Chakra Clearing. We have witnessed cases  of rapid healing and believe you too will heal.

When you hold back your expression..

When you were an infant, you expressed yourself without limit. When you were hungry, you cried, when you were happy, you giggled. Every time you felt something, you expressed. Expression is natural to not only us, but to every creature on this planet. Even animals express joy and sorrow, aggression and fear. Expression happens through the fifth Chakra called Vishuddhi. Curtailing expression and holding back what needs to be expressed is unnatural to the body and mind. Expression may also be curtailed by one because of being chided or criticised for speaking up. Withholding expression causes several symptoms such as stammering, introverted, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, loss of voice, hoarseness of voice, cancer of the voice box or vocal chord, oral cancer, tongue cancer and such other symptoms.

What you can do about it?

The Vishuddhi Chakra can heal with conscious expression. Practices such as Free Form Writing are extremely helpful. Chakra Clearing will help hasten the process by enhancing the vibration of Vishuddhi Chakra by 3 times.

How it will help you?

Chakra Clearing and Free Form Writing will help you express with more confidence. If you have been extremely conscious of your expression and hold yourself back, then “The GoodBook Programme” may be more appropriate a practice to participate in.

When you hold back your thoughts

You, me and likewise every human being on this planet is endowed with a fancy, subtle, creative and invisible tool called “Mind”. The laptop I am typing this article on, was conceptualised by a group of people by applying their mind. Thoughts don’t reside in the head, if that is what you had in mind. Thoughts are all around us. However, the brain processes these thoughts and prepare them for expression through our senses. Our brain sits in the place of the Sixth Chakra called “Ajna” which is spelt a little differently (try pronouncing the alphabet “J” with the back of your tongue and the rest are as usual).

When expression is curtailed, you stress the brain, nerves and your sense organs by withholding expression. Repetitively curtailing expression causes your brain and your head to develop several symptoms such as tumour of the Pituitary, brain tumours, epilepsy, brain cancers, brain haemorrhage and such other symptoms.

What you can do about it?

Meditation is suggested to strengthen Ajna Chakra. However, meditation is not a practice to begin when your thought process is all over the place. Chakra Clearing can clear your thought process for a few days. Followup practices of Self Love and Maypole Meditation Audio Guide will help you heal.

How it can help you?

Chakra Clearing and Maypole Meditation Audio Guide together will help calm your mind and bring love and peace in your heart and mind. Our practices are high in vibration. This means, when our clients practice the techniques, they feel great. Here are some testimonies for you to see.